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Saturday, February 05, 2011


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Hi Paula,
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was surfing the web and just listened to your recorded interview on the Morning show. I really enjoyed it. I have a question about the future of libraries! Since your also a librarian.... I’m wondering with technology like e-books, iphone, Ipad, Kindle, sonny e-reader and with the recent closing of Borders Book stores where do you see actual physical Library buildings say in 5, 10 20 years from now...will they still exist? Just a thought!!
Thanks and warm regards


Hi Ray! So cool that Maryland Morning reaches all the way to Canada via the web!

I don't know about the future of libraries. I'd like to think that we'll always have them, but then I think about what I think libraries are FOR, and I do wonder if we'll need bricks and mortar buildings in 20 years.

In other words, I wonder if librarians will provide reference service solely via chat or text, and library patrons will receive the materials they're looking for via instantaneous download.

I think university libraries will still exist, although I think they will exist more and more as study centers - and maybe that's a model for the public library, that maybe public libraries will be for meeting and studying and working together, with easy free access to information sources in the building.

It's a good question. I bet I will still be a librarian in 20 years, and I wonder what I'll be seeing then!


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