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Monday, October 18, 2010


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i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.


OMG, thanks for doing this book search, being a single mom with 2 boys 11 & going on 13, its harder to find the 'best books for boys', there are plenty for girls. The pediatritian told me my 8 yr old daughter was ready to read the American Girl Book for 8 yr olds to pre teens on the care & keeping of you. I never got this kind of book when I was younger. Thank goodness we have books for kids nowadays, never had that in my day & age. They office promoted this book for health education & teaching with that age group for girls, but that clinician didn't have anything to advise for boys.

pediatric gynecologist

Thanks a lot for sharing this. I'm sure as a parent it's not exactly so easy to have "the talk" with your kid. When younger, my mom took me to my pediatric gynecologist and she helped me understand how to properly care for my body. I recommend any parent to take their child to talk to a doctor and ask questions. Books are definitely a great way for kids to understand and learn how their body works and what's going on as well.

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