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Monday, January 09, 2012


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Amber Keyser

Great review! I've got Cold Cereal on my Powell's list!

Janette Fuller

I worked as a school librarian and I have heard many children share a book exactly like your described it.
I really enjoyed this review ~ Sounds like a fascinating book.


This is in my To-Read pile. You just moved it up in the pile :)


I love the illustrations.


Adam Rex is a wonderful visual storyteller. Now I must go out and find this book.


I don't write "reviews" for this very reason: I don't want to be a reviewer. I want to write down what the book made me think about, what I learned, and if that hooks you or scares you off, then we communicated and it's good. So maybe I'm still a kid. But that's where I am at fifty plus years old.

And the Adam Rex book sounds great.


I moved to New Jersey 15 years ago...and am still moody about having to do so. But the book sounds charming!

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